Sometimes people just need help finding their way through life’s challenges. Age Friendly Cold Lake’s Outreach Services can help older people get the support they need. Whether it be help with everyday tasks (e.g., filling out forms, going to appointments, picking up groceries), or something deeper (e.g., grief, feeling isolated or depressed), our staff can assist and support older people in navigating the hurdles they may be facing. If you would like to speak to a worker about yourself or a loved one that may need some support, please contact us.




The Cold Lake Men’s Shed is a large version of a guy’s workshop in the basement, garage, or back yard that has long been a part of the Canadian way of life. The purpose is to offer men a place to socialize and work alongside other men on activities which give a sense of purpose and value.

As one of the largest Sheds in Alberta, the Cold Lake Men’s Shed has an abundance of tools, a large space to create, and a lounge area.  It has been featured on Global News Edmonton. While older men are most at home here, we welcome men of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.  If you would like to try to start your own project, help with someone else’s project, or just come and hang out with the guys, you’re welcome at the Cold Lake Men’s Shed.

Please contact us for current hours of operation.



Friendly visiting is a service that matches screened and trained volunteer Friendly Visitors with eligible older people who, due to health and/or mobility issues, spend too much time alone. This program enhances the quality of life for older people by providing a friend who will visit regularly and help them maintain community connections. The Friendly Visitor will provide companionship and friendship for the older person and play an important role in bringing a smile to their face.

If you are aware of someone you think would benefit from a Friendly Visitor, please contact us.

If you have a little time to spare, a listening ear, and would like to become a Friendly Visitor, we welcome volunteers of all ages. Click here to learn more.


Life should get easier as we get older, including cooking! We can deliver frozen meals monthly to your front door that you can heat at your own convenience. Our food options are nutritionally balanced and are tailored specifically for the needs of older people.

The frozen meals are supplied by Heart to Home Meals in Edmonton and delivered monthly to our office for local delivery. They are subsidized by 25% for all seniors and 50% for those receiving Alberta Seniors Benefits. To see the Heart to Home meal catalogue, please visit www.hearttohomemeals.ca. For more information, contact us


During the warmer months, our Cycling Without Age trishaw will take seniors on a “bicycle” ride through the community. Our volunteer-driven trishaw is the perfect way for any senior, regardless of age or mobility, to enjoy the pleasures of cycling. The Cycling Without Age program is available to all seniors in our community, whether they live on their own, in the Lodge, or a care facility. Please contact us for more information.

If you have time to spare and want to be a trishaw “pilot,” click here to learn more.


One of the primary pleasures of eating is the chance to share a meal with others. For many, that means conversation, stories, and laughter while eating together with family and friends. Age Friendly Cold Lake endeavours to ensure that our older people who usually eat alone attend our monthly Feast to Friendship luncheons where we gather a group of seniors and volunteers to share a good meal. We provide the meal and transportation if needed. For more information, contact us.



The World Health Organization has defined an age-friendly community as one that has planned its services to make sure older people have what they need to maintain active, healthy, and productive lives within their communities. Because getting older is a lifelong process, an age-friendly community is not just “elderly-friendly.” An age-friendly community ensures its structures and services are as accessible and inclusive as possible for people of all ages and abilities, and therefore enhances life for children, families, people with disabilities of all ages, and older people. Age Friendly Cold Lake is committed to helping Cold Lake become an age-friendly community through community engagement and action.



People believe the most depressing things about getting older!  There are so many things a person can do to improve their chances of good health in their senior years.  Age Friendly Cold Lake has a commitment to sharing resources and information that will dispel some of the negativity.  If you’re interested in more information or a presentation for your organization, please contact us.


Older people all over the world are victims of ageism which is defined as making negative assumptions about a person’s abilities or worth based solely on their age. People are generally afraid of getting older, so society makes fun of aging and uses age as a reason to push people aside.  Rude birthday cards about getting old, the constant drum beat of the anti-aging industry, jobs lost or denied to older people, and the repeated claim that “getting old sucks!” are all examples of ageism.  Make no mistake, these pervasive messages are harmful to individuals, to a community, and overall health and well-being of older people who hear them all the time.  If you’re interested in more information about ageism, or a presentation for your organization, please contact us.


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