It goes without saying that proper nutrition is important for all of us. As we age, however, the importance increases. The nutritional needs of seniors are unique – as our body changes, so do our nutritional needs. Our metabolism slows and our appetites decrease, leaving us at risk for diseases caused by malnutrition like osteoporosis. The body becomes less efficient at absorbing and processing nutrients, which in turn makes the need for certain minerals and vitamins increase. So, while you may become less hungry, it is more important than ever to eat balanced, nutritionally dense meals.

The Canada Food Guide recommends eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, and proteins to ensure you can meet your nutritional requirements.

We know that the price of groceries seems to be increasing everyday. For seniors on fixed incomes, this can make it next to impossible to budget for fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Aside from price, some seniors may not have the mobility or transportation required to go grocery shopping. For a variety of reasons, many seniors are not able to or choose not to cook full meals at home.

At Age Friendly Cold Lake, we offer frozen, nutritionally balanced, healthy meals to seniors at a subsidized rate. We are excited to announce that starting January 2023, we will have a new offering in our frozen meal program – meals made by Emma’s Convenience. Made locally from scratch, these meals are nutritionally balanced, low-sodium, and delicious. We are excited to support a local business and can’t wait for you to try out these delicious meals.

Stay tuned in the new year for an updated meal menu!